Alexandra Bellamy-César

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Alexandra was brought up in the multicultural epicenter of the U.S by a Mauritian mother and Jewish father. Alexandra's ideals and beliefs were formed by her parents who supported women's businesses and sustainability in developing countries.  

Alexandra got into the film world in her late teens, after being strongly persuaded by her mother to attend a photography course, due to days being spent dissecting independent films with friends. The impact of her parents' work made an impression on Alexandra, bridging her appreciation and love, for both social causes and filmmaking.  

With resourcefulness, a technical background and an intuitive eye for a captivating story, Alexandra moved into producing inclusive, diverse, and magical stories. It was time to fit individuals like herself into the mold, that could explore the spaces between reality and fictional elements. 

Alexandra currently lives in the east coast with her partner and spouse, André, along with their two children. When she is not producing, she spends her time reading, writing, traveling, spending time outdoors, or whatever sane activity that can be managed during these weird times. 

Andre Bellamy-César

Young Bellamy uprooted from his native South Carolina, always had an interest in sports, music and media – in general. A two-year stint as video editor for Good Morning Carolinas with WPDE/TV-15 in Myrtle Beach preceded a move to the DC area, seeking new horizons.  

Quickly settling into the world of film production, André rose from intern to associate producer in less than 3 months with JWM Productions, Story House Productions and then on to National Geographic, before moving on to commercial work with the Human Rights Campaign and the Newseum.  

He is the de-facto business manager of Lexicon Media focusing on the accounting, marketing, legal and growth of the business. He holds an associate degree in paralegal studies and bachelors in business from Strayer University.  

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Brandon Flowers

Brandon is Director of Photography located in the Washington DC area. Brandon began his career as an artist at an early age experimenting with watercolors, pastels and inks at the age of 8.


This is when he would set the foundations for his work to come working so closely with colors, composition, perspectives and chiaroscuro all of which are reflected in his works today.


In 2013 Brandon would go on to receive his Bachelors of Art in Digital Film from the Art Institute of Washington. Through the use of cinematic camera movements, unique framing and cinematic lighting, telling a story is at the heart of his work. 


Drops Mic-

Brandy Bruce

Brandy Bruce is a multi-hyphenate filmmaker hailing from Los Angeles, CA who freelances as a director, cinematographer and producer. She's directed and shot for companies such as NatGeo, Cadillac, Vice News, Revolt TV, Wild Crime and Capital One. She specializes in music videos, scripted and unscripted content, as well as commercials. 

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Christin Meador

Christin Meador is a storyteller, filmmaker, documentarian, performing artist, community organizer, and social justice advocate. The daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and a white father, she comes from the unique sound of coquis and the sway of flamboyant trees, from kudzu vines and the rhythm of southern rhymes.  

Christin has performed, created, and curated multi-disciplinary, multi-modal work in the US and abroad. Her work is grounded in anti-racist, transformative justice, womanist, and somatic abolitionist practices. 

Christin believes that storytelling, community organizing, and advocacy are integral in working towards and ensuring equity and justice for all individuals and in fostering a better understanding of the roles we play in each other’s stories and a celebration of the diversity of human life. 


The MR Casting  Logo.png

MR Casting

MR Casting is an idea developed by Casting Director, Medge Ross, in early 2020. Her journey in the casting industry began in 2016 when she was working as a casting intern with Liz Lewis Casting Partners. She benefited from the 20 years of experience that the company had in the industry, absorbing as much information as possible.


She later worked with various casting directors as a freelance casting assistant, where she learned about the many nuances of commercial, theater, and film projects. This rigorous training has equipped her with the skills to ensure that she understands the needs of her diverse clientele.  


Boob Sweat

Based in Baltimore, MD, Boob Sweat are a collective of directors, animators, sound engineers, cinematographers, and editors. Our collective was formed while in graduate school at the Maryland Institute College of Art. The four of us were part of a majority female crew on a short film called “We Be The Same” during the summer of 2018. During a long shoot day in 100 degree weather in a house with no AC, we began referring to our endeavors as “boob sweat.”


As our collaborations continued over many more productions, the phrase “boob sweat” came to signify the empowerment we felt as a team of women on set. This empowerment continues into the content of the work we choose to be a part of as well. It is our firm belief that people who cannot be seen cannot be represented, therefore they cannot be remembered. We strive to create work which depicts the diverse world we live in and amplify voices which are rarely heard.